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Budapest- Transnational Meeting (19- 24 November 2017)

The first international meeting of the project partners from Turkey, Spain, Romania and Hungary took place in Budapest, Hungary. The two-year project; “No Stereotypes But Diversity” is funded by Erasmus +, Action 2, School Education, Strategic Partnership. The meeting took place between 19th and 24th November, 2017. Teachers from Turkey, Romania, Spain and Hungary met to discuss and plan the key actions of the project.

20th November 2017

On the first day of the meeting; project coordinators and teachers from partner schools had the opportunity to see the school and the classrooms. According to the schedule of the day each partner school made their presentations about their countries, education systems and schools. We also made an initial evaluation of the project and discussed about the specific responsibilities and tasks of the schools. We talked and decided about the activities that will take place in the first year of the project.

21st November 2017

On the second day; we all agreed for the next meeting to be in Turkey and set the date for it. One of the main aims of the meeting was about dissemination of the project. A meeting with Nemeth Katalin from eTwinning took place in the IT room about “eTwinning”, she gave information about how to efficiently get use of the website for each partner school. An important part of the day was with the UCCU Foundation’s workshop in the classroom with the students. We also observed and participated in the workshop held by the volunteers of the foundation about stereotypical thinking attitudes towards the Romans. After the workshop we had a chance to visit the Roma district with the students.

22nd November 2017

On Wednesday we talked about evaluation and dissemination of the project results. As it has been decided before, certain tasks were given to the partner schools for evaluation methodology, web page of the project and selection of the students. In the afternoon we observed a workshop with the HAVER Foundation, in the classroom with the students. The main subject of the workshop was stereotypes about the Jewish people. After the workshop we went to the Jewish district with the students.

23rd November 2017

On the last day of the visit we had a cultural tour of the city Budapest. We visited Gellert Hill, Central Market, Vaci Street and the Parliament building. After the tour the teachers met for the farewell lunch and got their certificates of attendance.

The meeting contributed much to getting known each other better, broadening the partners’ minds and exchange of the professional experience.