• No Stereotypes But Diversity
    • Erasmus Project


Hungary (18-22/03/2019)

Budapest, Hungary (18-22/03/2019)

The last learning, teaching and training activity of the project took place in Budapest, Hungary ; between the dates 22nd to 27th October 2018. The main topic of the meeting was stereotypical thinking, discrimination and bullying in schools - how can we address and solve these issues.

The first day of the meeting started with an icebreaking game held by the students in the school. During the game the students shared information about themselves with each other. After getting known more about each other all the groups from the participant countries made their presentations about the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in their countries. Next, the topic of the meeting, bullying at schools, was introduced by Ibolya Taylor. In the afternoon cultural programmes were held by the hosting school in the Pest side of Budapest.

The other day we had a meeting with Timea Mazio from SINOSZ. During the workshop students had the chance to learn more about the difficulties a disabled person has in daily life. The students learned more about body language. In order to warm up the students and the school community about different cultures, Turkish team presented a dance show during the school break in the hall. Later on we had another workshop about bullying, where students made role plays about bullying behaviours at school. In the afternoon we ad a boat trip on Danube and visited the Parliament.

As to learn more about the refugee problem we had three Skype meeting with three representatives from Red Cross, UNCHR and they informed us about the current situation and how the problems were held. During the school breaks Romanian students sang their traditional songs and presented their traditional dances in the school hall. We spend the rest of the day in Margaret Island, so that the students had the chance to interact with each other better.

On the fourth day of the meeting students worked in the IT class on uploading the materials of the meeting, meanwhile the teachers attended a meeting in order to discuss the activities held in the meeting. After that the winners of the photo competition called “I am not you but we can be together” was announced. Next we had a workshop about bullying behaviours with the representatives from Amnesty. In the afternoon there was a dissemination meeting with the teachers from neighbouring schools where we all gave information about the projects we join in our schools.

On the last day of the meeting the students joined the English class when the teachers had the evaluation meeting and in the school break Spanish team presented their traditional dances. After that we had a workshop with the representatives from NANE, we discussed and worked on the subject of violence against women and bullying at schools. They made posters reflecting their thoughts. The most enjoyable and memorable activity of the day was the Hungarian dance workshop, where we all participated.