• No Stereotypes But Diversity
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Romania (16-20 /04/2018)

Roşiorii de Vede, Romania (16-20 /04/2018)

The second Teaching, Training and Learning activity meeting took place in Roşiorii de Vede in Romania, between 16-20 April 2018, with the participation of the partner schools. The topic of the meeting was Gender and racial equality: common gender and racial stereotypes and their effects; ways of combating them.

After a warm welcoming at the school, with all the students and the teachers we took a tour at the school to learn more about the culture. The major of the town addressed to the group and mentioned about the importance of equality and how important is it to fight for it. In order to know each other better the students played an ice breaking game.

The representatives of the ONG Youth (NGO) helped students to understand the gender stereotypes and they involved in a workshop. During the workshop they learned about the labels put to girls and boys, how to fight against stereotypes and their effects, they made posters and role plays about the subject. After the workshop students played Kahoot games about stereotypes. The partner schools all made their presentations about their cultures. In addition to these the students attended a poetry and a creative writing competition about the European Diversity. During the intercultural evening the partner schools got to know about each other better.

As one of the subjects of the meeting was racial stereotypes, we paid a visit to Buzescu ( a Gipsy village)to learn more about the Gipsy culture, we visited a house and had the opportunity to see the luxurious way of living of the Gipsies. After that we went to Alexandria for another visit to a gipsy district. As a result of this visit we had the opportunity to understand and to welcome our differences.

We also made presentations about the methods we apply in order to combat with the stereotyping and discrimination issue. Then the students joined some sports activities, in the meantime the teachers gathered for a meeting to plan the activities in the next meeting.

After completing the necessary documentation like evaluations of the meeting, Europass and video diaries, we got our certificates of the meeting.