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Spain (22-27/10/2018)

Granada, Spain (22-27/10/2018)

The third learning, teaching and training activity of the meeting was in Granada, Spain between the dates 22nd to 27th October 2018. The main topic of the meeting was Religious equality: common stereotypes related to religions and religious beliefs; effects of such stereotypes; analysis of cases in which stereotypes and discrimination against religions had terrible consequences.

After meeting at the hotel we first visited the Town Hal and get information about Granada. Then we went to the school and welcomed very sincerely. The students joined an ice breaking activity to know each other better and then the teams made country and region presentations.

The other day we visited the most important monument in Granada, the Alhambra. In the afternoon a workshop has been done about the history of religion in Granada and after the workshop the students created a timeline poster with a cooperative work.

In order to learn about what we know about people’s religious beliefs a brainstorming activity was done and we learned about the religions today; analysis and the conflicts in two sessions. During the coordinator meeting of the teachers the students worked on religious equality, they created role plays about solving religious tolerance conflicts. And later on they acted out the role plays they prepared. In the second part of the session they created posters about religious equality.

As the topic is religious equality, we paid a visit to the Major Mosque of Granada and a historical city centre tour was taken which was guided by the students. After the short trip we had a meeting with the representative of Red Cross to discuss about the refugees and migration problem in Spain. We learned about the Situation in Europe, the causes and the consequences of the conflict and what we can do to solve it.

During the intercultural events we watched flamenco dances by the students and every team performed their own traditional dance.

On the last day of the meeting the students joined a debate about refugee and migration issue. They first did arguments preparation and then discussed bout the issue. Then they created the slideshows of the meeting. The meeting ended up with the fial evaluation and the certificate presentation.