• No Stereotypes But Diversity
    • Erasmus Project



We want to reach the following objectives:

- to combat hate speech and hate behaviour inside schools;

- to increase social awareness, tolerance, empathy for the immigrants and refugees

- to destroy stereotypes and raise awareness about the risks they cause

- to improve the know-how related to tackling the issues of stereotyping and discrimination inside schools

- to promote the active involvement of students in the social life on the topic of stereotyping and discrimination

- to strengthen the relationship between schools and local NGOs who are addressing the same issues

We have planned the activities in a logical way, so as to cover the most recurrent types of stereotyping.We believe that the project should be carried out transnationally because the topic has an international dimension. By implementing the project transnationally, students can gain intercultural awareness, knowledge of similarities and differences between European countries, minority groups, the current situation related to stereotypes and discrimination in each partner country; teachers will thus be able to Exchange good practices and gain more expertise in dealing with such problems. All participants, direct and indirect, improve their foreign language competences and become more aware of their own place within the European community.